Safety Customized

flexion, customizable bike racing suit

Safety Customized… for YOU!

1. Suit Selection

Choose the appropriate model for you. Suits are categorized by letters and numbers. A more detail description of different types of suits can be found here and also in our forum.

2. Create YOUR Flexion Account

Should you decide to buy a Flexion suit, the first step will be to create an account with us. Provide a valid email and create a password you will remember. Then follow the direction provided.

3. Payment

We accept PayPal. Payment is due when you make your order. Once the design process has begun, payment is 60% refundable. Nonrefundable once factory production initiates.

4. Measurement

Measurements can easily be taken in the comforts of your own home using the measuring diagram, instruction & video provided. Please make sure you take each measurement twice, and record it in centimeters.

5. Safety Options

CE Armour on forearms, shoulders, knees and shins comes standard in every suit. You may choose optional features such as aluminium armour on shoulders and elbows, and chest and back protectors at extra cost.

6. Comfort Options

Inner mesh liner comes standard in every suit. You may choose optional features such as perforated leather, extra memory foam paddings, more kevlar material and elastic inserts at no extra cost.

7. Design

Design sheets allow you to choose the color, logos, and texts that you desire. You may choose up to 3 colors of leather combination, up to 10 logos for H-series suits or 5 logos for NH-series.

8. Finalization Design

After you submit your design with measurements, chosen safety and comfort features, we will work closely with you to finalize design. Once completed, we will begin the production of your suit.

9. Production

Once your final draft is submitted for production, the entire production process from cutting, logo printing and stitching should take between two to four weeks depending on the work load.

10. Quality Assurance

Upon completion of your suit, we will conduct a thorough quality check at the factory. If we are able to depending on the workload, we may send you photos of the final product as well.

11. Delivery

The suit is wrapped in a plastic bag and put in a box. Then it is released to EMS. Shipping takes about two weeks. We will provide a tracking number. Buyers are responsible for import taxes in their country.

12. Enjoy!

Once the suit arrives to you, please unpack carefully. DO NOT use scissors or other sharp objects to open the box. That is the hard part. Now go enjoy, and show off your new suit!

More on Process

  • Suit Selection

    Browse through our selection of our suits from our shop. Make your selection of whichever suit you want to have. We offer premium grade cowhide leather suits in 1-piece and 2-piece, with or without speed hump and in male and female version. Please read “Different Types of Suits” for more detail.

  • Order & Payment

    Place the order, and make your payment. The payment due in full before we begin the design process. Once the payment is made we will send you the package you will need to get started: design sheets, measure sheets and guideline. The payment is 60% refundable once the design process begins, and non-refundable once factory production begins.

  • Customization List

    Make a note of your logos, text and colors of your suit as well as additional features like hump size, number of padding layers and placement. Draw and write on the design sheet, and send it back to us. You may also use Photoshop for your design also. We offer custom logo design service at extra charge. Please read “Custom Logo Design” for more detail.

  • Design

    Send your measurement and design that you created as per our guideline. Our designers will review your submission and get back to you with a final draft. One design revision is allowed after final draft. Please note that Flexion Customs is not responsible for incorrect measurement. We are working on establishing more measuring centres across Canada & USA.

  • Production

    Once the final draft has been submitted, the design is sent to the factory for production of your suit. It will take 3-4 weeks for the stitchers to cut and make your suit. This process may take longer depending on our workload at the time.

  • Delivery

    Once the suit is completed, a quality check is done before it gets mailed to you. We even try to take some teaser photos for you at this stage and send them to you. The shipping usually takes about 2 weeks for most countries via EMS.

More on Ordering

More on Measurement

More of Design

What riders say about Flexion

My dad put me on a bike when I was 4. Now I ride competitively. I know protection matters and the quality matters. Try Flexion and you won’t order another suit from anyone else ever again. Each fall and roll, I came back to to order from Flexion.

I got the suit today. I got my name and my company logo on it for fun but I ordered because I wanted quality and fit. I don’t spend a lot of time on track so I got the street version 2 piece NH suit. AWESOME SUIT!

Fits great! And looks great! Everyone should own a custom designed and tailored suit, for safety and for looking awesome!

I never owned a suit before because I am 5’1″ and nothing will fit me. Flexion made my suit from the measurement I sent. I did measuring with a friend. The suit fits great and looks nice.