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  • Flexion motorcycle suits have triple or quadruple stitching with high strength nylon & kevlar threads in specific high impart and high abrasion areas, just like the brand name suits. These types of thread is a high strength thread that is specially made to use for motorcycle leathers.
  • Flexion motorcycle suits have anatomically molded CE armour in the forearms, shoulders knees, and shins. The CE armour is held in individual pockets so they can be removed, inspected, and replaced if necessary. You may request for additional protectors for front, back and hip at additional cost.
  • Flexion motorcycle suits have extra memory foam padding in high impact areas such as the hip area to give extra protection. You can even double up the form for even more protection. We do suggest a single layer for most riders though as doubling up tends to add bulk and weight to the suit.
  • Flexion motorcycle suits have optional external alloy armour on shoulders and elbows, which provide extra protection. It also helps the race suit to have less traction during sliding/rolling in case of a fall. The most common type of external armour we use for our suits is true titanium, stainless steel and thermal formed fiber glass.
  • Flexion motorcycle suits have removable and washable mesh liner as a standard feature at no additional cost. We recommend that users wash the liner with mild soap and water, and then hang to dry. Do not use fabric softener to wash the liner. Also, keep it away from leather cleaning solutions.
  • Flexion motorcycle suits have optional back protector at an additional cost. You can also ask the suit to have extra room on the back to fit your own back protector you have. The protector area is created in the inner mesh. If you have the type of protector you wear underneath the suit, we do not make the pockets for the back protector.
  • Flexion motorcycle suits have optional chest protector at an additional cost. You can also ask the suit to have extra room on the chest to fit your own chest protector you have. The protector area is created in the inner mesh. If you have the type of protector you wear underneath the suit, we do not make the pockets for the chest protector.
  • Flexion motorcycle suits have optional full frontal micro-perforated leather for maximum cooling in hot and humid conditions. This is a nice option to add breathability and comfort to your suit. Frontal area means chest, and stomach. most areas may be perforated as per request. Just ask us to make your suit perforated, and it will be done.
  • Flexion motorcycle suits have 1.2mm to 1.4mm thick, premium, top-grain cowhide construction for best protection, durability and comfort. The leather is the same grade and color materials used to many premium brands in the market as well as for the professional riders.
  • Flexion motorcycle suits can have either as much or as little of Kevlar materials as you want. Kevlar material is a high strength and tear resistant stretch fabric. We suggestion for more athletic body types to have a bit more kevlar materials for comfort and liner body type to have more leather for support.
  • Flexion motorcycle suits have moisture wicking neoprene in the collar. Also neoprene is placed at portion of each inner-cuff area for maximum rider comfort and flexibility in movement in addition to moisture wicking purpose. This is not the same material as Kevlar, so we use it in the areas that will not be exposed in the event of a crash.
  • Flexion motorcycle suits have leathers cut in curved panels to follow the form of the arms and legs.We do not make straight cuts, but curved cuts in these portion of the leather suit for maximum comfort and endurance on the bike for riders in their neutral riding position.
  • Flexion motorcycle suits have expansion room at the back and hip area for comfort and freedom of movement. This is done as a standard to every custom suit we make. However, you may ask your suit to have tighter fit and we will make less expansion room for these areas.
  • Flexion motorcycle suits may be customized with logos and text. H-series suits include 10-logos, and NH-series include 5-logos. The standard logo option is TRV (tear resistant vinyl) or Leather Patch. We use one of the other depending on the color(s) of your logo and text. Additional logos are available at $15USD per each logo.
  • TRV can have unlimited colors. Printing on TRV is much like printing on regular paper and it will show all the bright and dark colors clearly. However it is less durable than the leather patches which is limited to two tone printing. If your logo has colors, we recommend to use TRV. If you are putting names or brand, we recommend leather patches.
  • Some riders request each letter to be cut out of leather panel and sewn on individual in the past. We have done this before, however the extra cost is significant. For a single letter cut out and stitching is $30USD. The price may vary, and it is subject to change without notice. Please ask before requesting this option.
  • Suits are available in H-series and NH-series templates. Both series of the suits are available in 1-piece design and 2-piece design. Our suits are divided into males and females, which are marked by either MF or FF. The number 1 or 2 means 1-piece or 2-piece. H-series means suits with speed hump, and NH-series means suits without speed hump.

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Our factory has been in the business of producing high quality motorcycle leathers since 1974 for many major brands, and responsible for over 30 million dollars in sales in the motorcycle leather industry with over 500,000 suits per year. From this factory with experienced and knowledgeable staff, Flexion now brings you fully customizable leather suits with quality you can trust.

When you buy one of our suits, you can be certain that it has been made with premium leather and crafted by expert tailors with years of experience. Integrity is one of our core values and we do not deal with non-licensed facilities that use child labour or non-qualified leather suit stitchers. We keep our suits designed and made strictly by qualified and licensed stitchers that over 70 Moto GP riders have trusted over the years.

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Processing time may vary slightly depending on individual design and the factory work load at the time of your order. The Production process takes about 3 -4 weeks. Generally the entire process including design time will take up to about 6 – 9 weeks.

Order Process
Designing Process
Production Process (3-4 weeks)
Shipping and Delivery (Approx. 2 weeks)

What riders say about Flexion

My dad put me on a bike when I was 4. Now I ride competitively. I know protection matters and the quality matters. Try Flexion and you won’t order another suit from anyone else ever again. Each fall and roll, I came back to to order from Flexion.

I got the suit today. I got my name and my company logo on it for fun but I ordered because I wanted quality and fit. I don’t spend a lot of time on track so I got the street version 2 piece NH suit. AWESOME SUIT!

Fits great! And looks great! Everyone should own a custom designed and tailored suit, for safety and for looking awesome!

I never owned a suit before because I am 5’1″ and nothing will fit me. Flexion made my suit from the measurement I sent. I did measuring with a friend. The suit fits great and looks nice.