Once the payment is made for your order, you will receive our measuring guideline and design sheets that you can use to color, place logos and texts. We can send the design files back and forth via email to make sure we have the right idea for designing of your suit.  Once the final draft is sorted, then we begin the production of your suit.

As many as we can create with each individuals. As for our base design lines, there are eight in total. We have men’s and women’s collection. H-series have speed humps and they come in both 1-piece and 2 piece. NH-series have no speed humps and they also come in both 1-piece and 2-piece. Please browse our shop and you will find them all.

Kevlar is a tear resistant stretch fabric that leather suits have to give flex to the riders. It is usually placed on the inner side of arms and thighs.

Flexion offers kevlar stretch panels in the area where you need a little more give, just like any other suits. The difference here though is that we can customize this option and put either as much or as little of Kevlar materials as you want.

Flexion uses premium top-grain cow-hide in 1.2mm thickness and 1.4mm thickness for high impact areas for optimum protection, durability and comfort.

Yes! Can’t wash the leather, but we thought it might be nice to have washable and removable liner! Flexion offers optional removable and washable mesh liner that can be installed for no additional cost.

The base price for any leather text is 30.00 USD per letter. However the cost will vary as per design. Once you start your design process, submit your design / idea to your designer and ask for a quote.

Leather text logo is different than the leather patch logo. Leather patch is where we print on the leather and sew on the patch. Leather text is where we cut out each letter and sew on each letter onto the suit.

Yes we do. Our designers can work with you and design your custom logo. The fee starts at $200.00 US per logo and will cover 1 logo design.

TRV is tear resistant vinyl. They are strong, weather resistant, and used on many pro-models. TRV is best as it produces rich and true colour and they are very durable. We reinforce every single TRV with a layer of 3M plastic sheet before it is sewn onto the leather for additional structural support.

Leather patch logo is a patch of leather that we print your logo or text and sew onto the suit. Leather patch logo is limited to few colors and depending on the colors, maybe two tone printing. However, this is stronger than TRV (tear resistant vinyl) logo.

Yes, different types of printing is performed for two different materials. We offer TRV (tear resistant vinyl) and leather patch material for logo printing. TRV can print full range of colors but leather can only print a single color or depending on the color maybe two tone.

  • Our H-series suits include TEN (TRV or Leather Patch) logos at no charge. Additional logos will cost $15 USD per logo.
  • Our NH-series suits include FIVE (TRV or Leather Patch) logos at no charge. Additional logos will cost $15 USD per logo

No. The measuring sheet, measuring guideline, and the design sheets are sent by the designer once he/she is assigned to work with you. First you need to make a payment and you will be assigned a designer that will work with you before the work is submitted to the factory.

Flexion offers detailed measuring diagram and a set of very specific guideline that anyone can follow.  Just make sure you measure twice and in cms. You will need a friend to help you though. However, we do recommend you take it to a local tailor or one of our measuring centres if you are not comfortable. Our Canadian measuring facility is in Calgary and Toronto. Our USA measuring facility is in Las Vegas and L.A. We are constantly working to establish more measuring facilities in Canada and USA.

This is simply not possible. Each suit is hand cut as per your measurement. Flexion is not responsible for any incorrect measurement unless the incorrect measurement was done by our staff. However if there was a mistake on our end, we would ask that you send the suit back to be examined. We will do our best to assist further and rectify any error made by either adjusting the fit or making a new one. Please note that the same refund policy applies.

Neoprene is a moisture wicking material that has a little bit of stretch.

Flexion offers moisture wicking neoprene in the collar and a portion of each cuff for maximum rider comfort.

Padding material means foam paddings that are placed for extra layer of protection and comfort.

And yes, absolutely! Flexion offers extra padding in key impact areas such as the hip area, and provide extra protection in this high impact / abrasion areas. Not for everyone though, so this option is totally up to you.

  • Before designing process begins, your money is fully refundable.
  • Once the designing process has begun, regardless of the state of progress, 60% will be refundable.
  • Once the suit is in the production state, which means the design is sent to the factory, nothing is refundable.

We accept VISA, MasterCard and other methods available via PayPal as a method of payment. You are required to have a paypal account to make your order as well as  Flexion user account. A full payment is due in full when you make your order. We also accept email transfers for Canadian residents, and South Korean residents only.

Perforated leather is the same as any regular leather panels we use in our suits, however little tiny holes are placed in the panel for breathability for hot or humid conditions.

Yes, we offer frontal micro-perforated leather for maximum cooling in hot and humid conditions. Perforation is available for front panels, meaning front chest and front thigh area. Ask and we will make it happen!

Multi-density and anatomically molded CE armours are used in the arms, shoulders and knees/shins. The CE armors are placed in individual pockets in the liner, and can be removed, inspected, and replaced if necessary.

Yes. Flexion offers optional external armour on shoulders and elbows, which provide extra seam protection and allow the race suit to slide instead of having the suit catch and drag. Ask for it and we will make it happen.

Every Flexion suit has triple or quadruple stitching in specific areas to handle impact, burst, and abrasions in case of of fall or contact. Special “high tensile strength” nylon thread is used throughout.

Once the final draft has been submitted, the design is sent to the factory for production of your suit. It will take 2-3 weeks for the stitchers to cut and make your suit. The entire process of creating a suit depends on how long you take with a designer. Average processing time for each custom suit is about 4 weeks.

Flexion uses “high tensile strength” nylon thread. And we use triple or quadruple stitching in high impact areas.

No, that is illegal. Only the non-licensed shops will offer such service. You may find many factories in Pakistan, Thailand, India and China that offer such service, but this is illegal. We are a licensed facility and we will do our best to make your suit, not copy someone else’s.

Once the suit is completed, a quality check is done before it gets mailed to you. We will send you photos of the final product to make sure everything is okay before shipment. The shipping usually takes about 2 weeks for most countries.

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