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About Flexion

Flexion was established for riders from across the globe who are passionate about safety, comfort, and quality. Flexion is the only motorcycle suit company in the world that produces fully customizable suits with the same premium quality as other major brands.

Our factory has been in the business of producing high quality motorcycle leathers since 1974 for many major brands, and responsible for over 30 million dollars of sales with over 500,000 suits per year. From this factory with experienced and knowledgeable staff, Flexion now brings you fully customizable leather suits with quality you can trust.

When you buy one of our suits, you can be certain that it has been made with premium leather and crafted by expert tailors with years of experience. Integrity is one of our core values and we do not deal with non-licensed facilities that use child labour or non-qualified leather suit stitchers. We keep our suits designed and made strictly by qualified and licensed stitchers that over 70 Moto GP riders have trusted over the years.

Our specialization

Fully Customizable From Design to Fit
Titanium Plates and CE Approved Paddings
Each Suit Individually Cut & Tailored to Fit
Design Your Personalized Logos and Texts

Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated riders, ready to do our best to get you the best suit you will ever own!

Taeho Hong

Taeho Hong

Flexion Evangelist

Taeho is a photographer and a long time rider. He found Flexion because of his love for motorcycles and passion for safe riding. He believes safety starts with proper fit.

Mila Cui

Mila Cui


Mila is in charge of everything that goes on at the factory and she leads her team to make every step of creative process a success.

Josie Lee

Josie Lee

Quality Control

Josie is in charge of our promotions and sales. She is the one you want to talk to about any group orders or current/upcoming promotions at different track days.

Scott B

Scott B

International Sales

Scott is our go to guy for anyone in Canada. He will answer any questions and also help you get the accurate measurement for your suit.

Jin Tonic

Jin Tonic

Marketing / Promotions

Jin is an awesome rider and a vlogger. He is also our mascot and our model for our products. He is a great guy to talk to about questions you may have, or just about anything else.

Cindee Ng

Cindee Ng

Head of Design

Cindee is an fashion designer and a brand ambassador. She is also a very talented yoga instructor. She will take your drawings, ideas and do her magic and provide a draft for your suit.

Flexion Crew

Flexion Crew

Rest of the Team

Our team of designers and sales are dedicated to making this process exciting and tailored to each one’s need.

What others say about us


My dad put me on a bike when I was 4. Now I ride competitively. I know firsthand that protection and quality matters. Try Flexion and you won’t order another suit from anyone else ever again. Each fall and roll, I came back to to order from Flexion.


I got the suit today. I got my name and my company logo on it for fun, but I ordered because I wanted quality and fit. I don’t spend a lot of time on track so I got the street version 2 piece NH suit. AWESOME SUIT!


Fits great! And looks great! Everyone should own a custom designed and tailored suit, for safety and for looking awesome!


I never owned a suit before because I am 5’1″ and nothing will fit me. Flexion made my suit from the measurement I sent. I did measuring with a friend. The suit fits great and looks nice.

MeihuaSouth Korea