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Some Information

We accept VISA, MasterCard and other methods available via PayPal as a method of payment. You are required to have a paypal account to make your order. All payment is due in full when you make your order. Please see FAQ for more detail.

Flexion offers detailed measuring diagram and a set of very specific guideline that anyone can follow.  Just make sure you measure twice and in cms. Our Canadian measuring facility is in Calgary and Toronto. Our USA measuring facility is in Las Vegas and L.A. We are constantly working to establish more measuring facilities in Canada and USA. Please see FAQ for more detail.

After payment is made for your order, you will receive our measuring guideline and design sheets that you can use to draw, color, place logos and texts. We will send the design files back and forth to make sure we have the right idea for designing of your suit.  Once finalized, we begin the production of your suit. Please see FAQ for more detail.

Once the final draft has been submitted, the design is sent to the factory for production of your suit. It will take 3-4 weeks for the stitchers to cut and make your suit. Please see FAQ for more detail.

Once the suit is completed, a quality check is done before it gets mailed to you. The shipping usually takes about 2 weeks for most countries. Please see FAQ for more detail.

We love creating comfortable and safe suits for people! Check out some of the ones we made!

Knowledgeable Staff

Although it may seem daunting to design a custom motorcycle suit, we are continually working to streamline the process and are here to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to respond within 48 hours. You may also post your questions in our forum. Customizable suits may be for you, but you won’t know until you ask. We can answer all your questions before you make your order. Our main focus is safety and Flexion is created by riders like yourselves who believe that the first step in choosing a proper protective gears start with proper fit and quality. The fancy logos and texts are for extra bit of fun!

Flexion History

Flexion was established by riders for riders from across the globe who are passionate about safety, comfort, and quality. Flexion is the only motorcycle suit company in the world that produces fully customizable suits with the same premium quality as other major brands. Our factory has been in the business of producing high quality motorcycle leathers since 1974 for many major brands, and responsible for over 30 million dollars in sales in the motorcycle leather industry with over 500,000 suits per year. From this factory with experienced and knowledgeable staff, Flexion now brings you the first ever fully customizable leather suits.

Trusted Quality

Flexion is the only customizable leather suit company out there that produce the suits from the same factories as other major brands. We are all about quality, and we guarantee quality in our suits! When you buy one of our suits, you can be certain that it has been made with premium leather and crafted by expert tailors with years of experience. Integrity is one of our core values and we do not deal with non-licensed facilities that use child labour or non-qualified leather suit stitchers. We keep our suits designed and made strictly by qualified and licensed stitchers that over 70 Moto GP riders have trusted over the years.